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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  July 13, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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storms. we main heavy downpours, lows between 70 and 75 with light wind. we'll keep you posted. right now, they are just beginning to build off to the west. >> heavy overnight rains brought down trees across the area. the one you see right here, toppled utility wires on north military road near 31st street in arlington. power was knocked out to that area. >> a downed tree blocked broad branch road in northwest dc. police shut down the road in both directions until a removal crew could haul the tree and limbs away. it was this large tree that caused the biggest problem. it crashed down on some power lines on east, west highway near jones mill road. police had to redirect drivers around the area. >> delia joins us live from the scene. a big problem this time of year. >> it was a very big job as far as clearing that tree. it was massive, but good news for folks in this area. the road just reopened to traffic. some bad news, however, it's
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going to be 8:00 until power is restored. we spoke to state highway officials earlier today. they tell us they inspect and trim the trees for damage routinely. as far as trees in your own backyard, how do you know if those are healthy? if those are safe? if they don't fall? well we found out that looks can be deceiving. >> crews clear out and haul away chunks of a downed tree on east, west highway in chevy chase. heavy rain and high winds split the massive tree in two this morning. it toppled power lines, knocked down this traffic sign and crashed on to this van. the driver was okay, but kelly and her seven-year-old daughter, sloan, weren't as lucky. they died last summer. when a tree fell on their car, just a mile down the road from this incident. >> these trues cause a danger. but a lot of it is
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unpredictable. >> but you can prevent a tree from falling during summer storms with a little maintenance and a trained eye. >> these roots are not healthy. >> it's hard to tell, but block says this tree is at risk, because the trunk is straight rather than fanned out toward the ground. another surprise, the healthy tree is more likely to fall than a sick one. >> a healthy tree is full of a lot of heavy, healthy foliage. when you get a combination of high winds, saturated soil, where the roots can't hold anymore. the healthy trees is like the wind hitting a sail on a sailboat. >> thinning out your tree branches and having them inspected every few years. >> some trees are dead already. >> if a tree is not maintained, it can get lanky and strangley. >> as for the tree with the bad roots -- >> by getting rid of this dirt, by air rating the roots and taking care of these things, it will save these
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people money and heart aches in the long run. >> here's a look the what a healthy tree looks like. it is fanned out at the bottom. take another look at what a tree looks like if it's not so healthy. it looks good, but we're told because it is straight, to see this straight trunk, that could indicate that these roots are strained and there could be a problem you won't know until you dig up this area. that's why you should have a tree company come out to your neighborhood, come out to your backyard. take a look and inspect your trees. often time, they do it for free if there's a bad tree on a state road, however, call state highway. they'll come out and check it out for you. we are live in chevy chase, 9news now. >> trees may be falling because of the rain, but tonight we are getting word of trees dying in arlington for a different reason. that story is coming up at 6:00. >> for the second straight day, metro riders exiting the station are walking up broken escalators. right now, three remain out of service and tonight, metro is
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blaming the escalator's age and overall wear and tear for the problem. bruce johnson joins us where riders are really frustrated. bruce. >> hey, how are you doing? let's reverse that. if you are arriving home tonight during rush hour, you have an escalator that will bring you up to the top. bad news is, if you're entering the circle station and you happen to go down in, you have to walk. and half of the escalators are out of service and it's the aging process. it's a 30-year-old system that can't tell us when these escalators will be back online or others might go out. >> i like your pace there, how do you feel? >> we can put a man on the moon, but can't keep these things working every day. >> leading down to the circle metro station. >> how do you feel after all those steps? >> not too well. >> you do it one step at a time. especially in mid july. >> are you okay? >> yeah. getting a little old for this
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kind of stairs. >> one, two, three, four. you did it in heels. >> three escalators have been taken out of service because of problems with their motor controller systems. problems were first detected when smoke was spotted billowing out of one of the escalators. further inspection led to the closing of all three. >> they want more money, but they won't give the service that they really need. >> passengers were not too pleased today. metro says it's a 30-year-old system transporting roughly 900,000 passengers every day. >> it's not great on a day that is human, i'll tell humid, i'll tell you that. >> we have roughly 900 elevators and escalators throughout the system and at any given time, roughly 10% of those escalators and elevators are out of service. here at the dupont circle station, you can make that 50% out of service. back to you. >> quite a trek there.
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thank you. a construction worker is hospitalized after falling off of a building in dc. he fell from the roof of an 11 story structure. at fourth street and new york avenue northwest. officials will tell us the victim suffered serious injuries to the lower part of his body. >> an autopsy is being performed on some human remains found in fairfax county. the skull was discovered yesterday near richmond highway. initially, the remains were thought to have been unearthed from the prison graveyard, but now investigators suspect that is not the case. >> legendary new york yankees owner, george steinbrenner died today. he reportedly suffered a heart attack. brett haber joins us with a look at his career. >> if you lived anywhere other than new york and rooted for any team other than the yankees, you probably despite george steinbrenner, for his limitless spending that turned the yankees into a super team. but if you were a yankee fan,
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then you were a new yorker, you loved steinbrenner for those same reasons. the boss spent 37 years at the top of the storied sports team. equal measures of triumph, failure, and controversy. he spent most of the first two decades losing. twice, he was banned from baseball for illegal activities and his legendary short fuse led to 17 manager firings in his first 17 seasons. but his hard charging style and free spending and free agency brought the yankees seven world series titles during his tenure. reaction has been pouring in this afternoon to steinbrenner's death. >> he was tough, but he was always there to support you also, and again, i don't think enough is said about the support that he would give you. but it was tough support. >> it was a reason, you know,
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our franchise is so great and tough thing to have to deal with. >> he was a winner and he was a guy who demanded an awful lot from his players and his organization if you work for him. >> his legacy will live for ever and that stadium is just one big sign of how great this man was. >> late in his life, steinbrenner took great pains to heal wounds with old adversaries, like dave winnfield. both those men say they considered steinbrenner their friend. we'll have more on his passing coming up at 6:00. anita. lawrence taylor pleaded not guilty to rape. accused of paying a 16-year-old girl $300 to have sex with him. court papers against him alleged the pimp told tailor that he admitted to sex with a girl, but told she was 19. the former new york giant is free on $75,000 bail and could
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get up to four years in prison if convicted. a catholic priest accused of sexual abuse has been held in fairfax county. felix was arrested where he is accused of touching an 11-year- old girl inappropriately. the kenyan native was a long time friend of the victim's family. the diocese says it suspended him when it learned of that arrest. turning to the disaster in the gulf. it is another critical day for bp. the oil giant is in the process of testing a new cap that could stop the run away flow of oil. manuel joins us live from long beach harbor, mississippi, where residents have fingers crossed wondering if this could finally be it. >> reporter: that's right, they are hoping so anyway. they had a lot of false starts, that's for sure. a 75-ton cap sits on top of that oil leak. over the next couple of day,
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engineers are going to close valves in an attempt to get a handle on that leak. >> the flow of oil gushing into the gulf could be stopped within two days if bp's latest fix takes hold. >> we will be venting three different exits. >> a better fitting cap could force the flow of oil through three separate exits. the main line through the top, a kill and choke line through the sides. engineers will close each line over the next two days. if the pressure holds, the flow could be completely controlled. >> in this exercise, high pressure is good. >> the government also announced plans for a thousand skimmer ships on the surface by the end of july. at this point, 85 days into the disaster, gulf residents will believe a fix when they see it. and even if the leak is controlled, oil will continue to flow towards shore. >> this could be a problem for years to come. >> lonny grew up along the mississippi shore, which was wiped out by hurricane katrina
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and still has a long way to go to recover. now the same shoreline is dotted with oil. >> everyone put their heart and soul into getting the coast rebuilt and of course, they had the oil spill that is going on now. it's just, i think it has everyone depressed and really down. >> and everyone is hoping bp's latest attempt will bring an end to what has become a sadly familiar sight. >> and even if this new cap does work and seals the oil leak, it's only a temporary solution. lesley, they still have to permanently fix that blownout well and that's not going to happen until mid to late august for that. back to you. >> thank you. let's get a check on the evening rush hour for you. patranya in the 9news now traffic center. >> good everyoning. we'll start off on the capital beltway where it is heavy in both directions. inner loop, you will run into an accident blocking one left lane at wisconsin. that's adding to the delays
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that is starting right here. outer loop is going to be heavy. on the 66 going westbound, though, as you can see all the traffic coming towards you will be going to 123. everyone going below speed all the way. lesley, back to you. coming up tonight at 5:30, why would a man climb 80 feet up a high powered electric pole to steal some copper wire? we'll have a live report coming up. and top. >> we're looking at big thunderstorms now developing to the south and to the west of town. we'll take you out with the doppler and some of these storms have good lightning, too. everything is beginning to push up to the north and east. we'll talk about our flood watch and talk about when we think the heaviest rain will fall into the immediate metro area. full forecast next. the government wants to know if a popular diabetes drug does more harm than good. i'm joel brown in gaithersburg, maryland, the story coming up.
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a panel of physicians is looking into whether or not a block buster diabetes drug can cause heart problems. the makers of avandia insists this is safe. joe brown joins us live where the fda is hold ago two-day hearing on the future. joel. >> this is a debate that is raged on for over three years. whether or not avandia is safe enough to be on store shelves. today, the popular diabetes drug effectively went on trial. >> people who take the drug, avandia could be more likely to have a heart attack. that's the conclusion of several studies. now the food and drug administration is looking at stopping the sale of the diabetes drug. top executives use the scientific name for avandia to say the drug is safe. >> often used properly, it has a benefit risk profile and
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should remain a treatment option for patients with type 2 diabetes. >> dr. steven nissan argues the company is wrong. >> i'm really hoping we can get the drug off the market. >> he's a researcher who analyzed studies between heart problems and avandia. >> time to end it now. >> at end of this meeting, the panel of outside experts will recommend a course of action to the fda. they could recommend anything from adding more warning labels, to pulling the drug off of the market completely. the fda doesn't have to follow the panel's recommendations. but it usually does. the agency's commissioner urged the group to keep an open mind. >> follow the science wherefore it leads and the rest will fall into place. >> no matter what the government does, many patients have made their own decisions. avandia sales are down completely. >> and pressure is also
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mounting on capitol hill over these two senators released company documents that show it sought to down play. anita. >> and dr. nissan is not the only do doctor that raised concerns over this. any questions on how the fda may rule at this point? >> we are hearing that both sides are really split over how to rule over this. remember, if avandia is pulled off of the market, it would basically be in admission that the fda failed here. it approved this drug in the first place. that may be a tough pill to swallow, so to speak, for regulators. >> thank you very much for that report. the white house unveiled his aids strategy today. it is a three prong plan. the steps are to reduce hiv infection rates to increase access to care for people living with hiv and to reduce health disparities. the president is due to speak on this new straity within the
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hour. elana kagan's vote is being delayed. the move comes after republicans asked for a one week hiatus. judiciary chairman, patrick leahy approved the request. the u.s. says a missing iranian scientist will be allowed to return to his homeland. sheram disappeared in june of 2009. iran has repeatedly claimed he was kidnapped by the u.s. the state department says he has been in the u.s. on his own free will. the u.s. has detained a 12th person now in the russian spy ring investigation. federal law enforcement officials don't have enough evidence to charge him with a crime. he is being held on immigration violations right now and was expected to be deported from the u.s. later in the day.
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one of the key figures in the u.s., russian spy swap has had her british citizenship revoked. 28-year-old anna chapman was among ten suspects who pleaded guilty in new york last week and were deported. chapman, whose photos made her a new york tabloid sensation held both uk passport through her marriage to a british man. the couple later divorced. doing more to prevent childhood drownings. that was the message from cullen jones. the gold medal winner went to a pool where a six-year-old girl drowned last month. jones talked to the young swimmers about pool safety. is this in northeast dc. >> the comfort thing, but it's so important that kids know how to be water safe. >> he is like a pro. he's a fast swimmer and it was an honor working with him. >> the centers for disease control says drownings account
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for 30% of accidental deaths among children four years old and younger. you know in the summertime, sometimes at parties, there can be adults standing all around, but no one is necessarily watching the pool. >> that's right. you have to watch those kids. >> all right, looking at a flood watch covering the immediate metro area. the heavy activity will hold off until after midnight. the next three days, showers tomorrow. back in the upper 80s and it gets hot again. it's going to stay dry thursday, maybe a few storms on friday. heat returns. no triple digits, but the heat returns. all right, your wednesday breakdown, mid 70s to start. a couple leftover showers possible. 82 by lunchtime and a shower or two possible and then warmer tomorrow. by 5:00, upper 80s and showers and storms are possible again. tonight, muggy with showers and thunderstorms. some heavy. low temperatures between 70 and
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75. let me start with wide doppler first. this also has lightning on it. you can see lightning north of charlottesville and a lot of activity back to the west. that is the key, a lot of the activity, at least the early part will go north and west of us. as we go through the night, we will see the activity develop more to the south and come up 95. but right now, we are seeing showers off to the west. out past fauquier county, out toward front royal. nothing severe, but hefty rain fall. that's what we are concerned about. rain fall rates 1 to 2 inches per hour. might be able to sneak home before you have to worry about any wet road. let's go to live doppler 9,000. all the activity back to the west up and down i-81. where it was yesterday. and again, nothing severe, but heavy. very heavy activity from strasburg. now it's beginning to sneak to the east. almost to warnton. again, rain fall amounts, 1 to
5:21 pm
2- inches per hour. i don't think we'll see any hail, but rain fall rates are going to be hefty. and this is a heavy spell between culpeper and emmettsville. it is moving towards warnton. back to the computer we go. partly cloudy, showers and thunderstorms. temperature at 852090 with light wind. we are warmer tomorrow and by afternoon, showers and storms possible. and then get ready for the heat. 87 tomorrow. here's the seven-day. showers and storms and mid 90s thursday and friday. storms possible over the weekend, but we are still going to be around 90. particularly 90 on sunday and back in the mid 90s monday and tuesday. dry monday, more storms on tuesday. okay, speaking of tuesday, it is tuesday. best shot time. i love these guys. humming birds, great picture. a couple facts, they can fly 30 miles an hour.
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they weigh as much as a penny and their wings beat 78 times per second. that's a workout. when they do their migration, they eat half their body weight, which would be like us eating 100 pounds every day. >> that wouldn't be good. >> if you like to submit your best shot, go it our website, click on the weather tab and follow the directions and the drop down menu and include your name and town. >> i think we need the humming bird workout. >> that would be good. coming up next, investigators make a shocking discovery at the scene of the dual terrorist bombing in uganda.
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hi! welcome to come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. the taliban says it is sheltering an afghan soldier who killed three british troops and wounded four others. a british defense ministry said the soldier escaped. afghan president, karzai, has
5:26 pm
expressed condolences and apologized for the attack. >> authorities in uganda say they found an unexploded suicide vest at the site of sunday's deadly terrorist bombings. the death toll is up to 76 from the explosions at a rugby club and restaurant. a somali terrorist group is claiming responsibility for the blast. december tushing new accusations against the stepmother of kyron horman. terri horman's actions in the weeks after the seven-year-old disappeared. terri attempted to kidnap their 20 month old daughter. the complaint is expected june 26, three weeks after kyron disappeared. >> even if the authorities suspect, but can't prove terri horman was involved in kyron's disappearance. the best next thing is to
5:27 pm
arrest with a separate, unrelated crime. >> kyron's birth parents say they -- police again have not officially named her a suspect. >> malina is leaving csi new york. the actress who plays stella has been in the show's six seasons. it is disappointed with her decision, but they respect her choice to move on. she'll be replaced when the show moves from wednesday to friday night this fall. coming up next, new at 5:30. >> it is like a challenge from the amazing race. would you riggle through a few thousand power lines for a couple hundred dollars? i'm bruce leshan. the story coming up. [ music throughout ] [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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experience everything virtual wallet has to offer at pnc. for the achiever in us all. ♪ right now, new at 5:30. the height some thieves are going to in order to make a quick buck. >> a family tries to pick up the pieces after a devastating fire killed a mother and her daughter. and despite many struggling stores going out of business,
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one local mall is getting bigger. desperate measures in desperate times. new at 5:30, a man accused of climbing 80 feet up a pole in search of copper wire to steal. bruce leshan is live at the new carollton amtrak and metro station with a tail that has taken the cops by surprise. bruce, fill us in. >> you got that right. prince georges county grand jury handed up indictments against two guys accused in a scheme to climb up these high tension lines and steal the copper wire that runs at the very, very top. it serves as a kind of lightning rod and with the weather right about now, we probably could use a lightning rod. >> the roar of it blasting by is enough of a thrill for most of us, but george bridgewater of capital heights wandered quieter stretches of track near route 50. scaled the poles, rig led past
5:32 pm
wires charged with enough electricity to power a high speed train and cut the ground wire that stretches across the very top. >> it's incredible. i mean, we have a lot of thefts of copper and other scrap metals, but to see someone climb a 70-foot pole, we haven't seen that before. >> amtrak says there was little risk for passengers. >> the real risk in this whole thing was to bridgewater himself. >> the rail company admits if the ground wire had fallen on another charged line, it potentially could have brought service up and down the eastern sea board to a halt. and frozen mark commuter trains in place behind stalled amtrak locomotives. >> i am concerned about that. >> most unfortunate because of safety involved to the passengers. i can understand the motivation. >> investigators say the damage could run up to half a million dollars for the cash
5:33 pm
strapped amtrak to repair. but bridgewater and his accused coconspirator got far less than that at scrap metal dealers across the region. prosecutors say walker got $40 or $50 from taking it to the dealers. a roll that earned brogwater $40 or $50. >> pretty desperate. >> bridgewater survived his climb, but he and his coconspirator are looking at 15 years in prison. >> that's a lot of work for a little bit of money. how did police bust this case? >> alert employee, the guys walking along the rails inspecting the rails, inspecting the lines. he sees this guy in a hard hat, orange vest, calmly cabling up this cable. and the guy runs at that point, apparently, his partner left a
5:34 pm
copy of his license, his driver's license with the scrap metal dealer, so they were able to track the two down that way. >> bruce, thank you for that. crazy story. a family is sorting through belongings and memories after a devastating fire that killed a mother and daughter. their two story home burned saturday night along w street in southeast. lindsey has more on how the fire department is lending them a helping hand. >> this was ruby harris' house and her family's things. >> my grandma had stuff from floor to ceiling. >> 85-year-old was bedridden. her daughter was caring for her. both died from smoke inhalation. >> hard on the family, because you know, right now financially, the family is just tapped out. >> ruby's granddaughter, angie, is a firefighter herself. >> i thank the fire department, my second family for coming out assisting us. >> dozens of firefighters
5:35 pm
volunteered to help. some came between emergency calls. >> everybody is coming out to help. it's truly a blessing, you know, because we came a long way and we couldn't do it by ourselves. >> dc fire and ems says the fire is believed to be accidental and it started on the second floor where ruby and delores were staying. he also says the family did not have working smoke alarms, so this saturday, firefighters will again visit the neighborhood and install smoke detectors for others. >> i think if my grandmother was alive, you know, she would be overcome with this generosity of the help we are getting from outside sources. >> in the past nine months, seven people and their family have died. they are extremely grateful to the firefighters that are helping as well as other companies that have donated their time and equipment to
5:36 pm
clear the home. there's about $150,000 worth of damage to that house. it is considered a total loss. live in the information center, i'm lindsey mastas, 9news now. >> the so-called barefoot bandit pleaded guilty to a minor defense. colton harris-moore spent two years eluding police before his capture on sunday. he now pleaded guilty to entering the country illegally and expected to be deported to the u.s. soon. he faces burglary and theft charges in eight u.s. states and british columbia. >> a spanish man tried to put a hat on the world cup trophy was fined $260 today. he is known as jimmie. he is a notorious, who has done a lot of this. and police in south africa say they arrested six other people who attempted to get on the field following spain's 1-0 over time victory last summer. here at home, it could be another stormy evening out there. topper is in the weather
5:37 pm
center. top. >> right now, the showers and storms closing in on the beltway. let's start with live doppler 9,000 and get to your out and about in a minute. out to the west, you have been talking about this until 5:00. all the activity along i-81 corridor. that's not the disturbance. there will be another one later tonight that will give us the best chance for rain. that said, some of the activity is moving eastward slowly. everything south of 66 with pretty heavy activity around warnton, around 29 and also headed toward midland. everything is moving off to the north and to the 'at 20 miles per hour. your out and about looks like this. i would grab the umbrella. it will be unsettled. 83 at 6:00 with a shower. 78 by 8:00 and mid 70s by 10:00 with showers increasing in intensity. we'll come back and outline when we think the heaviest rain will roll in. >> a man is rescued after being stuck on a bridge support. and coming up new at 6:00,
5:38 pm
the jacks case resurfaces, she's the woman convicted of killing her daughters. tonight, the fired social worker connected to the case is fighting to get their jobs back. and don't forget, we are always online for you at stay with us. we'll be right back. looks like our competitors for the raid deathcathlon are rearin' to go.
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a dramatic water rescue near philadelphia is caught on tape. a man was trapped at the foot of a bridge by flood waters. police were called in and rescuers hoisted him to safety. more than 2 inches of rain fell over a brief period of time in philadelphia just today and that was part of the result. safety investigators have released their findings into the 2008 crash of a continental airlines flight in denver. experts say the accident could have been prevented if the
5:41 pm
pilot used the plane's rutter to correct its direction. the boeing 737 veered off the runway and broke into pieces then caught fire. 36 people suffered minor injuries. there was a lot of squealing going on along a highway in iowa. a semi carrying pigs to market overturned on i-80 in coralville. four of them escaped and seemed happy about it when they found mud to lie in. i think i would be, too. troopers guarded the animals until they could be herded back. >> it's time to check on the evening rush. how are things looking? >> lesley, talking about an escape route making your way out all the way to exel road, things are looking good. no major complaints. 95, some separate stretches of slowdowns, but no problems down to triangle. if you are waiting for folks to come home on mark, the penn and brunswick lines are running with delays 10 to 15 minutes. but overall, looking pretty
5:42 pm
good out there. ladies, back to you. >> thank you. last year, it was staycations. we'll tell you about this summer's hottest vacation trend. >> also, before you book your next trip, we'll identify the airlines with the worst flight delays. top. >> right now, there's nothing in northwest, but we are under a flood watch. you will need this later on tonight. we'll take you out with doppler. there's a lot of activity developing around i-81. we'll come back. we'll track it for you live and break down when we think the heaviest rain is going to roll in. stay tuned. >> up next, bucking the recession. learn how tyson's corner keeps expanding and why our area is right for retailers. copd makes it hard for me to breathe.
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gold bond therapeutic foot cream. penetrates the deepest layers like others can't. look for the healing seal. gold bond foot cream. serious relief for dry, cracked feet. facebook can be more than just a social networking tool and a way to waste some time. just ask the owner of this restaurant in st. petersburg, florida. andrew wilkins was afraid he would have to close up, so he
5:46 pm
put a plea on facebook for customers and they responded. coming in and bringing plenty of friends. >> i think it was very clever of him to do and it was a very honest thing and probably very hard for him to do that. i ate here four times last week. >> when i saw the post, i immediately reposted it and that's how things turn viral on facebook. >> the owner says after the facebook post, business is up 40%. and he put up a new post saying thanks to the customers and keep the business coming. during this recession, so many of us have had to cut back and the nation's retailers are suffering as a result. you have probably seen some of your favorite stores at the mall go out of business. one major local shopping center is bucking the national trend. >> looking at all the shoppers at tyson's corner center, you may ask, what recession? and while many stores have left the giant shopping complex a fresh batch is ready to open their doors. >> washington, d.c. market is a fantastic market and the
5:47 pm
retailers are happy to be able to have an opportunity to come into a place like tyson's corner. >> the washington area has a deserved reputation as one of the richest in the country and that matters for upscale malls like tyson's. households with income of $150,000 a year, account for 40% of all spending. and now they have a host of new places to flex all that spending power. >> you have michael, winn brothers will be joining tyson's corner center. a brand-new at&t store. we have a great lineup with vans and the brand-new foot locker lined up. >> they have new contracts. at a time when vacancies are surging. up 9% in the second quarter. >> some are open now. some will open later this year and one will open in the beginning of 2011. >> in addition to all the new places you can shop, you can also go to a new restaurant, refresh yourself after all that
5:48 pm
shopping. >> can i take your order? >> seasons 52 is opening in the spring of next year and the menu has a twist. nothing on it has more than 475- calories. jessica doyle, 9news now. >> things are looking up for retailers in general. analysts expect to see sales gain of 2.5% in the second quarter. compare that to a 4% sales decline last year. the loudoun county board of supervisors rezoned 335-acres for the village center. the new project located near the intersection of 7 and 28 will include hundreds of residential units. a performing arts center and a fire station. but some residents are concerned about the impact on traffic. we have an alert for you on delays. according to the air travel consumer report, the news is not so good for delta and
5:49 pm
united. you are most likely to get stuck on the tarmac if you take come air. delta airlines itself, atlantic southeast airlines, which operates flights for delta and united. united airlines and u.s. airways. this is based on data for may of this year. well, to many, 2009 was the year of the staycation. this year, travel agents say the thrillcation is hot. >> christina loves an adrenaline rush on vacation. she sees it as a nice alternative to her less exciting day job in human resources. >> i really enjoy the thrill. i love stepping out of my comfort zone. >> ann says cold weather locations are very popular adventure spots, especially those with wild weather. >> thunder and lightning and rain and see enormous waves crashing on the shore. >> storm chasing is big, you may not see a tornado, but -- >> a lightning storm and
5:50 pm
thunder and even funnels appearing. so you do get your money's worth and you are in the safety of a car, so you can always get away from the danger. >> and if you want to get close to a live volcano, there's the caribbean. there's an observatory, or -- >> you can take a short flight for $239 and you can get much closer to the volcano. >> these trips are exactly the type of thing christina considers cool. >> i love to have fun and really experience what the world has to offer. >> i don't know. i could get a thrill by sitting on the sand in some caribbean beach. i don't know. but if you really want to brave a vacation on the edge, a trip to what she calls the worst weather in the world, topper. up to the top of mount washington new hampshire in the winter. they record some of worst winds that time of year. >> lesley, don't tempt him. don't even tempt him. >> i know i don't have to tempt you, but he was getting a
5:51 pm
little excited over there. >> it snowed up there .2 of an inch. >> he would know that. exactly. >> it is tough in the winter. i don't think i would go up in the winter. we are looking for the chance of heavy rain tonight. first things first, here's your forecast first. more showers and storms possible tomorrow and that should keep temperatures down. the heat returns, no, not triple digits, but plenty hot. mid 90s on wednesday. perhaps an isolated thunderstorm. we'll break down tomorrow. in the morning, we could have showers, a leftover thunderstorm. the temperatures mid 70s. low 80s by lunchtime. thunderstorms still possible and the best chance will be by evening with temperatures topping out in the upper 80s. now tonight, well, flood watch continues. muggy with showers and storms. some heavy. by that, we main heavy rain. low temperatures between 70 and 75 and winds light. now let's talk about wide doppler first and show you system of the activity. it's been to the west of us.
5:52 pm
much of the evening. out toward winchester and also up around the i-81 corridor. now we see some activity beginning to move closer to 95 and south of dale city. so, as we watch this system move further east, it will get closer to us. you might make it home before you get any rain fall. heavier activity showing up around warrenton and south of 66. now let's go back to live doppler 9,000 and again, this is a live picture for you. we'll zoom in. this is a pretty heavy storm now from warrenton and another heavy activity toward front royal around 66. and this is all going to push slowly to the north and to the east heading towards shantilly. we'll get into montgomery county and loudoun county before the night is through. this is the heaviest activity. right around 17. it's going to head towards the plains and everything is moving northeast. all right, let's go back to the
5:53 pm
computer. here's the deal. heaviest downpours between midnight and 4:00 a.m. warmer tomorrow. more thunderstorms tomorrow. and then just hot and dry again on thursday. tomorrow morning, leftover showers, 70s and 80s. by afternoon, at least partly sunny with more showers and storms. highs 85 to about 90. next seven days, 87 tomorrow and then hot. mid 90s thursday and friday. dry on thursday. some showers on friday. a better chance on friday and saturday and temperatures still around 90. then next week, we go back in the mid 90s on monday and tuesday. so no record setting heat, but it's going to stay toasty. >> it's summer. >> uh-huh. >> thank you, top. up next, helping pancreatic cancer patients beat the odds. a local hospital tests a vaccine against a tumor often considered a death sentence. and coming up new at 6:00. >> it's not your tree, but if you want it to stay green, you might have to water it. i'm lindsey in arlington county, that story coming up.
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
a triple digit gain today on wall street. the dow finished the day up 146 points to close at 10,363. the nasdaq climbed 43 points and the s & p 500 jumped 16 points. >> we have a health alert for all of you who love the summertime staples. the cdc says nearly one out of
5:57 pm
every 25 restaurant linked food born illness outbreaks have been traced to contaminated salsa or guacamole. they have diced raw hot.ers. they have all been implicated in food outbreaks. the dips are made in big batches, so even a small amount of contamination can affect a lot of people. now when it comes to one type of cancer, the statistics that is are truly terrifying. 75% of those diagnosed with pancreatic cancer die within the first year. now, a clinical trial at johns hopkins medical center is testing a vaccine that is helping people like the man you are about to meet beat those odds. >> yeah, the usual. >> in 2003, ron wind l went to his doctor, complaining of a mild pain in his abdomen. after a series of tests, ron and his wife were told he had pancreatic cancer. >> i had no idea what
5:58 pm
pancreatic cancer was. joan and i got on the internet and looked it up. it scared us to death. there was nothing but good news. it was a death sentence. it was a -- you might have as much as six weeks to a year. >> ron has surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. when he found out about a clinical trial of a new pancreatic cancer vaccine, he jumped at the chance to get in. >> are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> now, every six months, ron gets a series of injections of that vaccine. >> essentially trying to have the immune system recognize pancreatic cancer as being foreign. >> it is actually made from pancreatic cancer tumors that have been radiated, so they are harmless. the cells are engineered so the immune system sees them as an enemy and attacks. >> they have potentially the
5:59 pm
ability to recognize cancer at any time point and kill them before they have a chance to spread. >> it's been seven years now since ron was diagnosed. he's beaten the odds and recent tests confirm it. >> none whatsoever. >> wow. to find out more about the pancreatic cancer vaccine trial, go to our website, and click on the living well page. thanks for joining us for 9news now at 5:00. 9news now at 6:00 starts right now. >> from the first local station with news in high definition, this is 9news now. >> consider it the quiet before the storm. round two, big thunderstorms are getting closer and we are under a flash flood watch. topper is monitoring doppler. what areas are under the watch right now? >> here's the deal. it goes until late tonight and essentially around the immediate metro area. it includes the district and prince georges county, howard county, toward baltimore as


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